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144                                       THE TVENTY-FOUB GHjCTS.
On the other side of this sacred spot, a number of minor ghats stretch np and
down the river, those to the 'north being called the uttar kdt and those to the
south the daksldn kot. They are invariably represented as twenty-four in all,
twelve in either set ; but there is a considerable discrepancy as to the parti-
cular names. The following list was supplied by a Pandit of high local repute,
Makhan Misr, a Gaur Brahman, from whose extensive library of manuscripts I
was able to procure almost every Sanskrit work that I had occasion to consult.
To the north : (janes Ghat: Mtinasa Ghat: Dasasvamedha Glitit, under the
hill of Ambarisha ; Chakra-tirtha Ghat ; Krishna-Ganga Ghat, with the shrine
of Kalinjuresvar Mahadeva ; Som-tirtha Ghat, more commonly, called Vasndeva
Ghat or Shaikh  Ghat ;  Brahmalok Ghat ; Ghantabharan Ghat : Dlmra-patan
Ghat;  Sangaman-tirtha Ghat, otherwise called Vaikunth Ghat; Nava-tirtha
Ghat ; and Asikunda Ghat.
To the south : Avimnkta Ghat ; Yisranti Ghat ; Prag Ghat ; Eankhal
Ghat ; Tinduk Ghat ; Siirya Ghat; Chinta-mani Ghat; Dhruva Ghat; Rishi
Ghat  Moksha Ghat ; Koti Ghat; and Baddh Ghat.
The more common division  is to include the Avimukta Ghat in the first
set, from which the Manasa is then omitted ; to except the Visrant Gliafc alto-
gether from the number of the twenty-four; and to begin the secondaries
with the Balabhadra and the Jog Ghat.    Bv the former of these two are the
Satghara or ( seven chapels,'  commemorating Krishna's seven favourite titles,
and the shrine  of Gata Sram or k ended toil/    The Jog Ghat i& supposed to
mark the spot where Joga-Nidra. the infant daughter of Nanda and Jasoda}
whom Yasudeva had substituted for his own child Krishna, was dashed to the
ground by Kansa and thence in new form ascended to heaven as the goddess
Durgft.    Between it and the Prag Ghat (where is the shrine of Beni Madho)
is one of more modern date called Sringar Ghat., with two. temples dedicated
respectively to Pipalesvar Mahadeva and Batuk-nsith: by Prag Ghat is also
the shrine of BamesTar Mahadeva.    Two other ghats occupy far more con-
spicuous sites than any of the above, but are included in no list, as being
devoid of any legendary reputation.    The first bears the name of Sami Ghat,
Christiana reiigio nuncupate, erat apud antiques, nee deiuit ab initio generis hainani quousque
Chtistus Tenirct In carne, unde rera reiigio, quoe jam erat, coepit appellari Christiana." It is upon
this principle that the Chmrch lias admitted into the calendar, among her canonized saints,
certain worthies of the old dispensation, such as the Mackabees, with, reference to -whom S. Gregory
Kttianzen, in. a sermon preached on their feast day, declares it to be a pious opinion " neminem
eoram, qui ante ehristi adrentiim martyrio consiimmati aunt, id sine fide in Chrisfcum consequi